Sunday, August 17, 2008


A very cool card with some Australian Road this really authentic and you can actually see this signs across Australia...or its just an interesting way to represent part of the Australian culture and animals???

Not much explanation required....the card says it all.
Just got me into thinking if this kind of card was supposed to be created about Macedonia, what would it actually show off?

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помаранчева мрійниця said...

I haven't been to Australia, but I think these may be real road signs, because I've noticed that some countries have specific ones :)
For example, in the Netherlands, the road sign "built-up area" (the white one with black buildings on it) has a windmill among other houses :)

I've written a comment under your postcard from Львів, but you may miss it, because it's an old post, so I just wanted to tell you that the city centre (that you have on postcard) is a UNESCO WHS :)