Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wroclaw, Poland

This card from Wroclaw shows what he Century Hall looked like when it was built in the beginning of the 20th century.

There is a funny thing regarding these kind of cards...or black/white cards and movies in general.
I find it hard to actually add real colours to it, and when i was a kid I actually saw that world in black and white only, in the sense that i thought everything was like that..buildings or the way people were dressed...for some reason i couldnt get the notion of those things being in colour, so i thought that at the beginning of the last century things were plain and boring and whatever not...I thought Charlie Chaplin was also a man who lived in a world of black and white esp. since he was a mimer, that world of 'silence' really related well to things being black and white only.....well, with shades of gray as well.....i still find it hard actually to see black and white pictures/movies in colour...but i do see life as something in black and white with loads of shades of gray in between....

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Frutina czyli Kasia K. said...

Hi Ana, greetings from Poland :)
I have one notice to this picture, I know, it is hard to belive, but Wroclaw`s Centennial Hall is written on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Best wishes,