Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tongariro, New Zealand

The last UNESCO for today comes from New Zealand and shows another volcano.

Tongariro National Park, in the Central North Island, encompasses some of the most active volcanoes in New Zealand. It is as well, New Zealand's oldest national park.

Pictured here are Mount Tongariro and Mount Ngarahoe.

The volcanic massif, often simply referred to as Tongariro, has a height of 1,978 metres. It first erupted about 260,000 years ago. The volcano consists of at least 12 cones. Ngarahoe while often regarded as a separate mountain, is geologically a vent of Tongariro. It is also the most active, having erupted more than 70 times since 1839, although the last eruption took place in 1974-1975.

I find volcanoes amazing as well as frightening...their eruptions can be destructive with great consequences....its scary of how the volcanoes lava can simply wipe off everything it comes across....ive never seen a volcano live...but id love active one....feels exciting!


Martinha said...

I've just tagged someone to get a card from this site!
All of these unesco cards are great and i only have a card from the italian site.
It's kinda hard to get all the sites but at least and because there's a lot of them, is quite fun trying to get and expect for new cards.

Ana said...

I can tell you where i got the rest if you want :P

btw, i have no idea how i seem when i say "Im NOT gonna focus on collecting UNESCO cards"...probably as someone who is sick and tired of them :))
I love getting new UNESCO's and new countries and all...just that i dont want neither can focus on that only, esp. since there are too many....and there are too many other beautiful cards out there as i just take it gradually...ive found myself several times in a position when im supposed to choose a UNESCO card to get, but i end up asking for something totally different which simply captured my attention...yeah, im stuck, i know :D