Thursday, July 17, 2008

St. Petersburg, Russia

I absolutely love this just amazing!!
Its my third one from the "hometown begins with 'S' -RR...have one more to go

This here is the Palace Square, Alexander Column in St. Petersburg.
What I especially love about this view is from where its shot, how it shows the entire square, and how at the time of shooting there were very few people there so you can see the vastness of it gives me some feeling of desolation...partially coz of that, partially coz of the colours...the clouds contribute a lot to it.
I love postcards which invoke feelings in me like this.

There is an interesting thing Katerina says about it : "As the new 7 wonders of the world, in Russia, we have similar voting - 7 wonders of Russia. Results will be in July but as I know, the Palace Square is on the first place".

Well, i dont know whats the criteria to enter or win something like that, but this place here DOES deserve a win of some kind.

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