Thursday, July 24, 2008


Here comes the other map of Portugal.

And yes, it has been confirmed...I have personally asked for BOTH of the i have definitely gone astray at a certain point or totally infatuated by maps since i asked for two without being aware of it.Not that I mind...I mind my forgetfulness :)

The card shows the towns in Portugal, and important sites in some of them...i like it how they are linked, and how the sites are put aside, so they dont make much crowd on the map itself.
One thing about Portugal is, that when i was little, i was convinced they spoke Spanish as well....not only they didnt speak Spanish, but the first time i actually heard real Portuguese, i was like 'what???!!!'. I didnt understand a single thing, and it sounded sooooo totally different from some sense, and dont laugh, but it more resemled to Turkish to me, than Spanish.....i dont know if it was in the way they spoke or the accent or what....

hey, now i spotted where Marta lives!! :)

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Martinha said...

Now you know where i live!! Not very far from Spain, and yes, we don't speak spanish (don't worry, a lot of pleople still thinks we speak spanish and worse, some people thinks we are part of Spain) but we can understand spanish better then they understand portuguese!!

I've this mapcard too!!
With 2 maps cards of Portugal, you won't get lost if you ever visit us :P