Sunday, July 20, 2008


And the map of Portugal arrived :)))

There is just one funny thing regarding this...i open my mailbox on Friday, and a nice pile of cards there....i start going through them and I see this map and I cheer widely....i go to the next card and there.....another map of Portugal!!!
Im somewhat confused and i turn the back and...nope, it aint an official card...its a swap...which makes things interesting, since I CANT at all recall i have asked for two map cards...I KNOW i was supposed to get one map card, coz i had written it down....but shoot me dead, i had no idea i had asked for the other one as well...Im thinking that maybe i hadnt requested it, but the sender herself sent it to me since i like map cards, but on the other hand, the more i think about it, the more im convinced i saw the other map card in some album and chose it....though i may be totally utterly absolutely lost and confused about it....

well, both of them are different, and i dont mind one bit i have two Pourtuguese maps....i can have 10 as well, as long as they are different.....but i start to worry about myself and my forgetfulness and how i cant at all recall if i had asked for the card or left it up to the sender...and she is on a vacation, so i cant get an answer :)


помаранчева мрійниця said...

I love map cards too, although I have some problems with swapping them, because I haven't seen real map cards in Poland (at least in Wrocław, which is a really popular touristic destination, so we've got dozens of different cards here). The one I sent you was the only type of "map card" that I could find. I also remember that it was possible to buy map cards on the seaside, but showing only the part of coast, not whole Poland. Do you have the same problem in Macedonia?

Thanks for offering me help with Macedonian language :) That would be great. When it comes to the Macedonian alphabet, I'm a bit confused with ѓ and џ (but as far as I understood, џ is pronounced somehow like Russian дж?). If I learn this, I think I'll be able to learn some words :) Thanks in advance and have a nice Sunday! :)

Ana said...

we dont have map cards here AT ALL which is really frustrating since i LOVE map cards, and i know many other people do...and i cant send any coz they just dont exist!! Neither with a small map in the middle of the card as you sent to me...NOTHING!!

really complicated country this is :)

as for the offer, would be my pleasure to help you with it...will do it these days ;)