Thursday, July 17, 2008


A very very vibrant and lovely multiview from the Philippines, thanks to Bea who didnt listen to me when i told her NOT TO re-send me a card :) Well, i must admit this is one of those times when i dont mind at all someone went against me :P

Here is what you can see on the card, starting from top left...going to the right and at the last top right picture, you go down and when you get to the bottom, you move to the left...hope i didnt complicate it :)

1. Batak Tribe, Palawan (here i have to make a small notice, since language similarities always amuse me....'batak' in Macedonian means "a leg of poultry"

2. Boracay Sunset

3. Beautiful Lagoon of El Nido (its inexplicibly beautiful!)

4. Chocolate Hills, Bohol (sorry to disappoint you, i was disappointed myself. but there is NO chocolate "growing" on the hills :D Its named like that coz the green grass they are covered in, turns brown during the dry season). would have been nice if there was a place like that which "produced" on its own all kinds of chocolate :))))

5. Moriones Festival, Marinduque

6. Perfectly-coned Mayon Volcano, Legaspi

7. Limestone Cliffs of El Nido, Palawan

8. Banaue Rice Terraces

I just have a question that bothers me....when you get a multiview card and one of the small pictures shows a UNESCO whs, do you count it as a UNESCO or do you need a single view card from the site, so you can actually label it as UNESCO.....I know i had done this, but hoenstly im not sure if its right....


Pinaypostcrosser said...

You're welcome heehee ;) Well, it was a fun thought going against you :D

I am also confused about how to treat a UNESCO site when included in a multiview card. For example, a lot of postcrossers have been asking me if I have a card showing the Tubbattaha Reef which is a UNESCO site. I have already called up all the companies here that print postcards (there are only a few of them) but not one of them has a newly printed version of that kind of card. One company told me that they had printed one version a long time ago and never reprinted it.

Another company told me that Tubbattaha is in one of their multiview cards which I diligently looked for. When I saw the card in a bookstore, Tubbattaha is indeed in the multiview card but it is as small as the size of volcano picture in the postcard above.

I wasn't able to write much about the photos shown in the postcard above so let me offer some notes here:
1.The Batak Tribe is a nomadic tribe. They avoid conflict. They avoid meeting strangers. When confronted with conflict, they run away. Their defense mechanism is moving to the deeper part of the forest. But they are very much concerned about the environment. They would move to another location so as not to deplete the forest resources.

2. Boracay sunset is one of the interesting sunses for me. I have been to Boracay many times and each time I watch the sun set, I see varying, breathtaking views.

3. You are right, the El Nido Lagoon is inexplicably beautiful. I have been there and the most special thing I love there is a place called Secret Lagoon.

4. I have visited Chocolate hills twice. But I love it when I see them green, not brown. I think we should have a name for them when they are green :). Scientists are still not sure as to origin of these wonders which is a total of 1268 hills.

5. For the Moriones Festival, let me direct you to this link:

6. Mayon Volcano is considered the most perfect-coned volcano in the world. I pass by it every time I travel to my hometown. But it is a very active volcano.

7. The limestone cliffs of El Nido were carved out of thick layers of corraline deposits formed about 250 million years ago. Many people say it is similar to those found in the famous Ha Long Bay in Vietnam.

8. The Banaue Rice Terraces is my most favorite UNESCO world heritage site because it is a man-made wonder diligently carved out of the mountains with bare hands by my forefathers more than 2,000 years ago so they can have a flat surface to plant rice.

Ana said...

wow, Bea!!

thanks so much for this extensive info...I absolutely enjoyed reading it! :)))