Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Newfoundland, Canada

A really cool the literal sense of the word...coming from the East meets West RR.

I love these kind of cards, showing icebergs, glaciers, or such.....there is something amazing about these creations...there is something very appealing to them, at least to me....

"Gigantic icebergs can be seen in late spring and early summer along Newfoundland's spectacular coastal shores".

Can you even make an estimation of how huge and heavy this iceberg is?
It does feel good for a chill up in these hot summer days...even if its on a postcard only....though i always wonder, how does it feel to live in a place like this....where its cold most of the time...i know i always complain of how hot it is here and how i wish id go somewhere where the climate is cooler and all...but i dont know then if id actually like it if its constantly cold, or then id rant how i want some sun and warmth and all.....

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