Monday, July 14, 2008

New Zealand

Hehehehee....a ma-ma-ma-map card...a lovely colourful picturesque map card!

I love the drawings and there is one which especially made me laugh...its at the bottom of the card where you can see a fisherman who has caught a mermaid in his net....its the facial expression on both of them which makes me laugh...He is stunned, i just dont know if its coz of the fact he caught a mermaid or coz she is naked from the waist up. Id go for the latter :)

As the card itself says: A beautiful land of contrast, from snow clad mountains, fertile plains, magnificent fjords, perfect beaches, lush forest and active volcanoes, New Zealand is paradise for the visitor to her shores.

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roffe said...

Hi there..Thanks for dropping by..
Very nice poat cards.....