Friday, July 18, 2008

Maryland, USA

You probably know by now how these cards make me feel and i got this one thanks to Tracey :)

Maryland is a US state located in the mid-Atlantic region. According to some most recent information, it is the wealthiest state in the United States, with a median household income of US$65,144! (should i pack my bags?!)
It bears two nicknames, the Old Line State, and the Free State.......I prefer the former...

This nickname is, according to some, a reference to the Maryland soldiers who fought courageously in the Revolutionary War, the Maryland Line. It is said that General George Washington referred to these soldiers as "The Old Line." Maryland was the only state that had regular troops "of the line" and these soldiers were ranked among the finest and best disciplined in the army. Another origin is given that goes back further in history. It is said that Maryland is referred to as "The Old Line State" because it was the dividing line between the land grants given to William Penn and Lord Baltimore.

and you know, i actually thought that 'the old line' referred to some old railroad line, and thats its nickname coz there were maybe the first railroads or the oldest rail lines are still preserved and used....boy, was i wrong!

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