Thursday, July 3, 2008

Manado Tua, Indonesia

Here is the second Indonesian card for today and......ehhhhhhhh

This card makes me daydream....its so beautiful! I wish i could dive into these waters here....they feel sooooo appealing!
It shows the Manado Tua Island as seen from the Bunaken reef.

Manado Tua Island is a towering extinct volcano fringed with picturesque reef drop-offs and capped with a rainforest at its summit. The island's 3,200 inhabitants form a very tightly-knit community of farmers and fishermen who cling tenaciously to their Sangir cultural traditions. It is the main island of the Manado Bay group. A path to the top of the central mountain takes several hours to climb, but the view takes in all the islands in the Manado Bay. Superb snorkeling and skin diving. The beach is a mixture of white sand and coral formations.

Just beautiful!


Lakali said...

Wow! I want a card like this one! So beautiful! I'm crazy for islands!

Ana said...

Yeah, it definitely is beautiful! I think the Islands' cards are great most of the time :)

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