Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Here comes one of my favourite issues with the postcards, Holland vs Netherlands!

And here we have a map of the WHOLE country, BUT it is labeled as Holland!
And then you wonder why i get confused or why millions of people out there get confused?! :)

I dont mind its labeled as Holland one single bit...it just again opens a room for discussion of why native people keep referring to it as Holland when its The Netherlands. I feel it would be as if I dont really make a difference whether i call my country Macedonia or FYROM....and i totally outcast the latter, for the simple reason its Macedonia...but lets not get political now.

regarding the card, i cant say anything else, except that i love it...just my taste! :)
I dont know all the buildings which represent their own town, but one step at a time...

I just wonder what exactly the picture at Volendam stands for....

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