Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hawaii, USA

Here is something which came as a great 5 samples....and ill give you one each day in the following updates...

the treat comes from Addis, who was the one to send me my first Puerto Rican card as well...she says she had bought a postcard book about lighthouses featured on US stamps and she sends me all the 5 designs to expand my collection! I think that "Thank You" is not even close enough for that kind of thoughtfulness but i have my ways ;-) :P

The one here is called the Diamond Head Lighthouse, and it stands at the base of an extinct volcano on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Established in 1899, the original tower was replaced by a new lighthouse in 1917. Today the light from this concrete sentinel leads vessels safely into the harbour of nearby Honolulu.

Now, im not a stamp collector and dont usually feature stamps here, but with this set of lighthouses, ill make an exception since each of them has its own matching 26 c. stamp....i find that VERY neat!

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