Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gramado, Brazil

A card coming from Brazil where there was a strike for some weeks, but this card arrived despite that..;-)

Here is a view of the St. Peter's church in Gramado Town. It was inaugurated on 29th June, 1942, built with 63.073 basaltic stones. Its tower stands on 46m and it is located at the Major Nicoletti Square in the downtown Gramado. The town has about 30.000 inhabitants and was settled by German and Italian immigrants.. It's one of the most touristic towns in Brazil, especially wanted for winter vacations.

there is an interesting detail....the light which is on the street, the one coloured in red, with two small pots of flowers on each side....i keep seeing it as a red ribbon in which the church is wrapped up...just gives me that impression when i look at the card

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