Monday, July 21, 2008

Barra Honda, Costa Rica

and.....ta-da-da!!! A new country! Costa Rica!

If you had told me a few months ago that i was gonna have a postcard from Costa Rica, written and stamped from there, i dont think i would have believed it :)

What you can see on the card are the Barra Honda Caverns...whenever i see stalactites or stalagmites, i think of the Postojna in Slovenia...the only reason for that is that when we learned about stalactites and stalagmites in primary school, we learned that they existed in Postojna in Slovenia...and we had repeated that over and over and over and over again, mainly so we learn to say the words correctly, since they were a bit different from all the things we had learned so we had to learn which are the stalactites and which are the there was no other way but to have the name of Postojna engraved in my head when it comes to stalactites/stalagmites....

there is a nice text on the back of the card, both in English and Spanish and i think im gonna write them both...i do need to get back on track with my Spanish....of course, you dont have to read them both ;-)

- Barra Honda Caverns, Barra Honda National Park (Peak, Cavern and Stalactites). Barra Honda is the most important cavern system discovered until now in the country. It is 300m high and one of the many calcareus hills in arched form, located in the Guanacaste Province. 19 caverns have been explored, with independent development. These caverns present massive formations of stalactites and stalagmites of singular beauty.

- Cavernas de Barra Honda, Parque Nacional Barra Honda (Cerro, Caverna y estalactitas), Barra Honda constituye el mas importante sistema de cavernas descubierto hasta ahora en el pais. El cerro Barra Honda de 300m de altura, es una de las muchas colinas calcareas en forma arqueada que se localizan en la provincia de Guanacaste. Se han explorado 19 cavernas, con desarrollo independiente. Estas cavernas presentan formaciones masivas de estalactitas y estalacmitas de singular belleza.

Now, i cant say about the Spanish, but the English version had several mistakes...couldnt help but fix them :P

btw, the sender wrote a quote:

"When Mother Teresa received the Nobel Prize, she was asked: What can we do to promote world peace?" - She answered: "Go home and love your family"

Thats nice...if everyone was aware of that or knew how to do it...unfortunately, the more time goes by, the more i can see people and families get alienated....

I just it just a coincidence the quote is by Mother Teresa or purpose? :) If we have in mind where she was born, thats why i got curious :)

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uzor said...

puno lijepih pozdrava iz Makarske!