Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Antwerpen, Belgium

A UNESCO card coming from Belgium

Well, you certainly wont find it under "Antwerpen" if you go to the UNESCO whs list....but you fill find it under the "Belfries of Belgium and France"...and if you click on it, you'll see that it contains 56 different sites in total....and as a group they are one..56....thats A, i cant actually count i have the Belfries of France and Belgium until i collect all 56 of them! oh boy.....

Anyway, this is the town hall in Antwerpen....situated on the Grote Markt (main square). Erected between 1561 and 1565, incorporating both Flemish and Italian influences. The richly ornamented center section, which rises above the eaves in diminishing stages, holds female statues representing Justice, Prudence and Virgin Mary and bears the coat of arms of Duchy of Brabant, the Spanish Habsburgs, and the Margraviate of Antwerp.

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