Friday, June 13, 2008

Lysefjorden, Norway

First official from Norway......I like variety of official cards.


Wow....Im not afraid of heights, but i wouldnt go near the edge here (the picture on the left), plus all these cracks inside the stone, give me the feeling that i might get trapped and fall through......ok ok, that was nonsense what i had just said, but frankly, i dont really feel at ease when i look at it, yet, i absolutely love this card.

Interesting thing those fjords are, esp. since we have none here, so its not something ive seen live so far. Plus, the word fjord to me always has an analogy to beautiful nature, which isnt an exception this time either.

Lysefjord is located in Forsand, in south-western Norway. The name means light fjord, and is said to be derived from the lightly coloured granite rocks along its sides. The fjord was carved by the action of glaciers in the ice ages and was flooded by the sea when the later glaciers retreated. It measures 42 km (23 miles) with rocky walls falling nearly vertically over 1000 m (3,000 ft) into the water. (1000 m falling down.....dont tell me that aint scary :)) Because of the inhospitable terrain, the fjord is only lightly populated and only has two villages on its length, Forsand and Lysebotn, located at opposite ends of the fjord. The few people who live or lived along the fjord are only able to leave their homes by boat, as the hills are too steep for roads.

French writer Victor Hugo poetized in "Toilers of the Sea" admiring the scenery after a visit in 1866 that the Lysefjord was the most terrifying of the ocean reefs. (SEE????!!!!!!!!!) :P

Im not sure if i would like to live at a place like this, but i definitely definitely definitely would be thrilled and delighted if i had a chance to visit it....and see how people manage to live there...and enjoy the magnificent nature...and send out some cards probably ;-)

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Gabby Girl said...

Yeah, you couldn't pay me to stand near the edge of that. Not afraid of heights either, but I hate the feeling of falling.