Friday, June 13, 2008

Enkhuizen, The Netherlands (02)

My second private swap coming from Enkhuizen...two cards, this time, ill post them one at a time...the first one is somewhere in the older posts..

Ok, i wont talk of Enkhuizen now, I already have a card uploaded though i still havent reached to update it, but hopefully soon, that will happen.

I need to say that i find this card really interesting, esp. what it represents.
This here is a typical scene from the Zuiderzee Museum, which is an open-air museum reflecting life in the villages around the Zuiderzee throughout history. Most of the buildings in the museum come from other locations in the Netherlands, such as Amsterdam or Purmerend.
These here are authentic houses that people used to live in, before World War II. Inside each of these houses an old-fashioned trade is displayed, with furniture, tools and sometimes even actors. There's also an indoor part where you can find a few beautiful ships from the days that Holland ruled the waves.

I would really like to visit this caught my attention!

Thanks to the sender of the card for providing me with the information about the Zuidersee Museum....i couldnt find those details on the net :)

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Sietse said...

Here's a link to the official website.