Sunday, June 1, 2008

Archipelago, Finland

My FIRST card from Finland comes as a private swap (along with the one above). Yeeeyyy!! I know it may be weird how come i dont have a Finnish card by now...but. well, i just dont...thus i have like 20 cards from Budapest or Vienna or Montenegro or so...but im slowly making things balanced :)

Archipelago Sea is a part of the Baltic Sea between the Gulf of Bothinia and the Gulf of Finland, within Finnish territorial waters. It is the largest archipelago in the world by the number of islands, although the islands tend to be very small and clustered in a small area. The sea area is shallow, with a mean depth of 23 m. Most of the channels are not navigable for large ships. The Archipelago Sea has a very large number of islands. The exact number of islands depends on the definition of the term "island", as the sizes of the pieces of dry land vary from small rocks peeking out of the water to large islands with several villages or even a small town. The area is roughly divided into inner and outer archipelagos, with the outer archipelago consisting mainly of smaller, uninhabited islands. The archipelago covers a roughly triangular area with the cities of Mariehamn, Uusikaupunki and Hanko at the corners. The islands began emerging from the sea shortly after the last Ice Age.

I LOVE nature!! And for some reason while looking at this card, i feel some chilli atmosphere...which comes as a great contrary to the hot weather we have here right now.

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