Thursday, May 22, 2008

Poznań, Poland

A private swap here :)

Poznań is a city in west-central Poland. Located on the Warta River, it is one of the oldest Polish cities, making it an important historical centre and a vibrant centre of trade, industry, and education.
The name Poznań probably comes from a personal name Poznan (from the Polish participle poznan(y)) and would mean "Poznan's town." It is also possible the name comes directly from the verb poznać which means "to get to know" or "to recognize".

Now, I need to make a reference to Macedonian language here :)
In Macedonian, the word "познава" (poznava) means, to know someone....the word "запознава" (zapoznava) means, to get to know someone or to meet someone for the first time...while the word "препознава" (prepoznava) means to recognize someone....the adjective "познат" (poznat) means that someone is known.....its a bit interesting when you can relate your own language with the etymology of foreign places....lest not forget, that both Polish and Macedonian are Slavic languages, so hence the similarities :))))

Apart from the St. Paul's and Peter's cathedral which is the oldest in the country, containing the tombs of the first Polish rulers (top right picture) the most precious building in Poznan is the 16th century renaissance Town Hall in the Old Square (big picture in the middle). It is surrounded by old merchant houses which were carefully restored after World War II.

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