Monday, May 19, 2008

the lazy postcard collector

thats me, by the way :)))

apart from being quite busy the past few days, i also somewhat got lazy to upload postcards round here, plus under the recommendation of a fellow postcrosser, i started using the forum there, even though i had joined when i joined postcrossing, but never had the time to take a look at now ive been exploring it in general and time flew pretty fast......and here is another Monday...and oh do I hate Mondays :((((

anyway....lately ive been considering things about this blog and i realized (again) that im not satisfied with it (the perfectionist in me speaking) and i need/want to do some changes about it, and that for starters id actually love to find the time to write something about each postcard, not just upload the cards themselves...ive seen blogs around where people actually dedicate some time to write something about the history/significance of whats portrayed on the picture and say how they got the postcard and all and i really admire those people....I know its gonna take IMMENSE amounts of time to write something about all the postcards i had uploaded so far and the ones that are in queue to be uploaded (hence one of the reasons why i got lazy to upload...i just keep thinking, its gonna be more cards to write about eventually :))) But actually i would prefer to have a blog like has more depth and im not sure how thats gonna develop, and whether ill start soon and slowly do the posts one by one or ill wait for the holidays when time will be more available...but i know that i definitely want to do it that way.
Another thing is, i really need to do something about all that infinite list of labels and archive links on the left, coz hell, doest it look lame like this....and the more postcards i upload, the more they will extend...and then again, i dont like to exclude any of the labels...and im honestly feeling really stuck at this point. Plus id like to add links from other postcard blogs, which if i do it now, they will just get lost in the crowd and it will make the left side even more i really dont know what to do, yet im in a desperate need to start making changes here.
So if any of you who come by here frequently or from time to time, or just happen to come astray here for the first time, if you have any ideas/suggestions/concepts etc etc etc, please help!! :)
Either leave a comment or mail me....any kind of help would be greatly appreciated!!
Thank You! :)))

ps. Ive started getting paranoid...a number of postcards i had sent/had been sent to me like 3 weeks ago or so, hadnt arrived yet :S :S :S

pps. Hopefully soon my collection will enrich itself with several new countries :D :D :D

ppps. Hopefully it wont take eons before i upload anything again :)

pppps. Thanks to everyone being a part of expanding my collection!

ppppps. Hell, do I LOVE postcards!!!


pinaypostcrosser said...

Hi friend! I say, take your time. You will eventually get to post all your postcards. Or, you may target a particular number of postcards, say 5 to 10, to post for the day. I'm also trying to catch up with my postcrossing because I'm tied to my workload. Well, good luck to both of us lol :)

Don't worry about the postcards sent to you a few weeks ago. I'm sure they'll arrive to cheer you up :)

I didn't know that you are just new at the forum. I thought you knew about it all along but just chose not to actively participate.

Ana said...

thanks for the support and encouragement :))))) i send you the exactly same!

I will have to take it slowly and thought of starting to write data from the postcards im gonna upload from now on and eventually get back to the older ones, so one day they will all have some small history....and its gonna take time, since i need to search for info for places and all, but its tempting actually :)))

and today 3 of postcards i had sent have been received so, there is hope :))

and about the forum...even though i registered there when i registered postcrossing, i was just always out if it (i simply didnt take time to go through it, plus im not really a forum person)....but its nice to be there, and its not hard to find me :))

Martinha said...

I've just found you on the forum ;)
Beeing the unique or the 2nd user from your country on the forum, you'll received a lot of requests for private trades. Be prepared for that!!
About the blog, i'm sure that with time and some patience you'll do a nice work. Wikipedia is an unceasing source of information, with it's help you'll be able to get data about the places. The oficial site of unesco is also very helpful.
i hope you receive my card in the next few days.

Ana said...

Hey Marthina :)

Yours and Pinaypostcrosser's blogs were one of the few which actually inspired me to give more life to this place, and also express my gratitude to the ones who had sent me, thank you for that :))
and for the forum...yeah, im aware of the number of requests and all, so, im far, its ok :))
I hope my card will appear in your mailbox soon too :D