Saturday, April 5, 2008

Verona, Italy

Sent to me by whom i havent written in ages, its a shame on me thing, i know...and im not proud :(

In most of the cases, the first thing that comes to your mind if you hear about Verona, is Romeo & Juliet....cant blame you....though the earliest version of the story is set in Siena.
Personally im somewhat fed up with them (Romeo and his Juliet :)) I even had to have a thourough Shakespeare exam at i had to deal with both of them again....and honestly, there are many other plays written by Shakespeare that I like better than R & J....I just think that sometimes too much accent is put on them (and many people, esp. young ones will find it appealing coz of the tragic romance and blah blah.....) but if you are asking me, Magbeth or Othello or Merchant of Venice or Hamlet are far far better....not to mention Shakespeare's if you havent read the ones above, i do recommend you do so....if you find Shakespeare's style somewhat hard to understand (myself, cant always digest it) but you can always find a simplified edition or a translation (just make sure its a good one)....and enjoy it!

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