Friday, April 18, 2008

to fill in the gap...

i have just realized what a mess this blog is needs things fixed/added but i guess it will go one at a time...i need to start with re-uploading certain postcards, since they actually look as if they have 'waves' over them and have their blur moments...i realized that for at least some of them, its due to the scanning options so i had to re-scan those in higher resolutions...that maybe wouldnt have been so annoying to do if the scanner worked fine with my pc...but unfortunately i have to 'walk' the scanner around the house since the other pc is in the living room, so i have to do all the scanning there....and for the rest...well, i dont know...they keep ending up with 'scales' :-((((
i thought i would upload postcards more often, but not everything turns out as you plan, does it?
plus, the thing i find most annoying is the 'arrangement' of postcards according to country/city once you upload them...dont know why, but that part is simply killing me :)

and these couple of days ive come across several blogs with postcards and i am full of envy :)) i want to have all of them :S :S :S plus, i cant believe to myself that i never actually realized there are many places out there for postcards-exchange...sometimes i really feel like ive dropped down from another planet and am completely unfamiliar with things going on...aint good, aint good..
well, it would be really nice if i could enrich my collection...i absolutely love getting postcards...and there are still so many places out there in the world from which i have no postcard....
lets get down to some other blog is a mess too :S :S :S
(i need emoticons, definitely)

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