Wednesday, April 23, 2008


interesting card my mum brought me (though i think i should label this as mum & dad together)

It shows a road map card of Montenegro and the neighbouring countries, depending of how much of the picture could have fit in I guess...

made me think of something.....there is this stereotype going on that women cant read maps and men have a much better sense of orientation...well, im not a feminist to jump now and say its discrimination and blah blah blah...but frankly, MY sense of orientation sucks.....big time...I have found myself plenty of times in a situation (in a foreign country/town) that i go somewhere for example....but when i need to go back, i barely have an idea where i had actually come from...or if i lets say, need to get somewhere, i cant really make much use of things around me to get to the right place
there is a thing that happened to me when i was taking my driving test....we came to a roundabout....and i had practised that, though never felt comfortable with as i was about to go into it, one of the people in the comission told me "get back from the same street where you took off" initial reaction was a smile and a thought 'at least i dont need to count if its 2nd, 3rd street and so forth...'. Well, my joy lasted for just a second, since just as i passed the first few metres and made a small turn, i figured out i had ABSOLUTELY no idea which was the street i started i got so confused that i didnt even manage to stick to the basic rules of 'passing a roundabout'....of course, i missed the right street...and of course, I failed....

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