Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Welcome to my beautiful world of postcards!!
Here you will find postcards from all around the world which i have collected over the years. Postcards are one of my greatest passions, so i wanted to put them all in one place and share them with the world. This is no kind of promotion or advertising...this is done strictly for my own pleasure. If I happen to violate any rules, please contact me and a certain postcard or postcards will be removed.
There is no pattern of how frequently im gonna update this...nor how many postcards a day...I just know that i will be placing postcards from different places instead stick to one country until i exhaust all postcards from there....that way it will give more variety and it is more interesting.
Some of the postcards I have bought myself...some of them were sent to me by friends...some of them were given to me by people who have received a postcard but dont collect them....some were bought for me by other people....there are different kind of resources...and when i come across a postcard that was sent/given to me by someone, ill include a Thank You note for the person who sent/gave it to me...plus if possible, ill include the date sent (this depends on how visible the seal over the stamp is)
So, this is how it's gonna function in general...alterations may be made at all times...depends what i think of...but for starters i like the idea of how to run and develop this blog and all...
At the time of writing this, I have around 600 postcards.....and always hungry for more :D

Special thanks to postcards exchange for the idea :))

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dutchboy said...

If you want one from my town, send some details on how I can send it to you to db80orange@live.nl.