Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cannes, France (01)

This card was sent to me by one of my former pen-pals, Marianne Schuttauf from Germany, when she went on a summer holiday in Cannes.

As with the rest of my pen-pals, i lost contact with her as well...and i always think it my fault coz once i got to University, all of a sudden, time was pretty scarce, plus for some reason i got lazy in general, and time simply flied too fast, and eventually you realize that its been months since you were supposed to answer that letter....and it lingers and the time you write back, its terribly late.....on the other side people also have obligations and cant immediately before you are able to realize, you've simply lost contact....who knows, maybe a letter had got lost as well.....but its all reasons which contribute to ceasing communication.
Its a pity...Marianne was one of the first people i met who loved Depeche Mode (I met her during my summer course in London) and after she got back in Germany, she sent me a tape of Depeche Mode cover know, different artists performing DM songs....which was really thoughtful of her...i still keep that tape...its a shame i dont keep my contact with her....

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