Sunday, September 7, 2014

Baghdad, Iraq

time for a new update! YAY! well blame it on the rainy Saturday night..and my lack of desire to do anything else...after the latest episode today with my new postman, ive been feeling all down and just soo devastated...well I think I never actually told you the story to begin, yeah, I have a new postman...I knew my old one was about to retire, I just didn't really know when it was going to happen..and it was like a month ago when this new guy came to my door to bring me a small package...took me a while to figure out he was actually a know, young guy, jeans, t-shirt, tattoos, some old car..quite a bizarre situation, but i was like, ok, no problem, he looks cool...he came the following day again, cos of course, he again had to bring something I had to sign, and that's when I realized that I hadn't received a single card or letter for a long while so this is how the conversation went..., "ermm, aren't there any postcards for me?" to which he gave me this look and said, yeeeeeeees, there aaaareeeee...I was a bit puzzled and told him, "errmm, can you like please BRING them to me?????"
it was odd to me that I had to ask about it in the first place and that I got such a cool answer and that he didn't really bother about he promised to bring them the following day, to which I added that he shouldnt be waiting for a whole pile to gather and bring them all at once..he fulfilled his promise and I thought he learned the lesson...but how naive I was..
Some days later, my mum went to the PO since we hadn't received bills either, and my mum is really zealous in paying those things on, she didn't find the bills (they told her they have been dispatched time ago, so God knows where they were), but she told me there was some pile of mail for me...however, she couldn't get them for me without my ID or anything..the next day, to my utter surprise, I got a call from the PO that there is some mail for me and I should go and pick it up..when I  asked how come the postman cannot bring them, I got this lousy excuse of 'he is a new guy, he doesn't know things, so we are calling people'...I went to get them, got two or three things I have ordered, but when I asked if there are maybe some postcards or letters,  the lady bitched at me with the attitude 'i cannot leave the desk, I have too much work to do, I cannot be wasting time looking for your mail', I wonder, if she cannot bother to look for it, and my postman cannot bother to bring it to me, how on Earth am I supposed to get my mail??!!
So I complained with the manager as well....that was one day before I went to the of course, after the complaint, the new guy came and craftily, without a notice, left them on our table in the garden...just like that, not in the mailbox, not a ring at the who cares if it starts raining or Kimi starts playing with them..since he loves sleeping on that table, day and night...anyways, that was like already two weeks sign of him again ever since...went to the PO today...asked for mail, got two packages I have sign of postcards...and I was so devastated, I almost started crying right there at the counter...cos it is simply IMPOSSIBLE that I have no piece of mail for two weeks..IMPOSSIBLE...even at times I wasn't active, I would always get at least a surprise card or something from someone...and now that I kind of got back into swaps and the official site again, she tells me there is nothing for me..I would bet my life on the fact that there IS some mail for me...but hell knows where those pieces of mail are..the lady like denied he could be keeping it with him...but she didnt like seem interested to resolve the issue....and I am deprived of one of the things that really brightens up my days cos of some irresponsible moron out there...yeah, at first it was like funny, now i so much despise this guy, I cannot explain it to you...if this is how it's going to be on the long run, I really dont know what to do since obviously no particular measures can be undertaken, even though I complained several times...and I am just solution-less on this issue =/
Maybe after the complaint today he will come next week..but such, one-time short-term solutions are NOT gonna resolve the issue..
Yeah, sorry for all that yada-dada, but Im really bummed...and today was just like cherry on top =/

So, maybe now I can get down to why you are actually here in the first place...postcards!!
And the ones for today are a bit older, but I think they are more than worth it to be posted...

Recently I arranged a swap with Hasnan from Iraq, and that reminded me that I received this one like four years it is about time to post it and make room for some new Iraqi cards coming ;-)

Duh, I hate it when there is absolutely no explanation on the back of the card about what's really shown here, and how am I supposed to figure it all out, hmm?
Now my, khm khm, great, khm khm, research skills, have come up with disastrous results...but let's the middle, you can see the Baghdad TV Tower, previously known as the International Saddam Tower)..the top right picture shows the Al-Mustansiriya University established in 1963....aaaaaand, geez people, that's all I know about this card! Awful!!
Any readers from Iraq here? Or someone who maybe has the same card and succeeded in figuring out what all these pictures represent? Or anyone with better googling skills than mine? If yes, to any of the above questions, please leave a comment with the may be late to incorporate those in the post, but I'd really like to learn more about what we have here...thank you in advance!

a stamp from a set of 3 issued in 2008 called One Nation

heh, cannot believe that it's been actually more than 4 years since I've received this card...time flies...


Bryon D said...

Love the Iraq stamp and card! That is both hilarious and horrible, your new postal experiences at home! I wonder if your neighbors are going through the same thing?

TravellingPostcard said...

What a story! I have bad experience with the mailman in the past (2011-2013) also. He didnt deliver all the mail in this period but hided it in his house and shed. Luckily he was caught and luckily he didnt throw away the mail. So in august last year I received a huge pile of postcards.

The pictures on the Bagdad card:
Bottom left: Al Rasheed Hotel
Top-left: Al-Tahrir Square (liberation square) with on the left liberation monument
Bottom right: Rashid Street

Shoriz said...

Hi, I am from Iraq :)
The modern Mustansiriya University was established in 1963. However, the building you see is Mustansiriya Madrasah (school) established in 1227 as a madrasah by the Abbasid Caliph al-Mustansir. I find it unfortunate that they did not put pictures of the ancient structures in this card. The Assyrian winged bulls that were destroyed by ISIS were amazing. Not much is left to see in Iraq after all this mess.