Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sayram Lake, China

yeah, this is like one of the most fantastic and absolutely breathtaking cards from China I have received...EVER EVER EVER...the fact that there is so much blue in it is like a cherry on top!

Received it last year from Di for the Choose a Country RR.
Here you can see the Sayram Lake of Xinjiang.
It is the largest alpine lake in Xinjiang (458 km²) and also the highest(2,070 m).
In the Kazakh language Sayram means 'blessing'.
It is said that it was composed of the tears of a couple of Kazak young lovers. A beautiful girl and a young man were deeply in love. One day, a cruel devil was captivated by the girl's beauty. He captured the girl and confined her to his residence. The girl took a chance to escape, but the devil found out very soon and went after the girl. She was forced to jump into an abyss. Later, her boyfriend heard of this and he was so sad that he jumped into the abyss to be reunited with his lover. Their painful tears flooded into the abyss and formed Sayram Lake
Legends are always nicer than the actual scientific stuff..even though rather cheesy sometimes :)

look at those gorgeous cat stamps!! Issued in a set of 4 cats' stamps in 2013. Love them!!
Next to it is a stamp representing Dai Architecture, issued in 1998 in a set of 4 stamps...and then you have the small green one representing the environment - a definitive issued in a set of 2 stamps in 2002

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