Sunday, December 1, 2013


Rainy rainy Sunday evening...and really cold...not the most appealing weather for going out...not that Ive been in the mood for something else but staying at home doing nothing...this update was supposed to finally happen yesterday, but how I possibly managed to waste two days in vain, beats me!
Well, I must admit that actually this kind of gloomy weather does suit mood in general sucks...I guess im on a roll of crappy things in general. when I'm not sleeping or giving/having classes, you'll find me either 1. catching up with postcards; 2. Playing Candy Crush Saga (yeah, seriously, that's what people feeling depressed do); 3. Arranging stamps; 4. Watching "Big Bang Theory".
And well, lets add 'posting postcards' to all that..hopefully on a more regular basis...for now I just wanted to change that sad post you end up seeing when you come for a it may not be some chatty long update, but still it counts as one..and to my surprise (again), I realized that this is my very first Martinique postcard here...when I was thinking why is it so, the answer I came up with is that probably I was waiting for a Martinique card with Martinique stamps...yeah, I can hear some of you bursting in laughter on behalf of my ignorance...I don't mind...I deserved it  =) So, here then comes the beautiful Martinique card with...of course, French stamps =)

kind of a dreamy card...during the winter months...and as for the basics, Martinique is one of the twenty-seven regions of France (being an overseas region) and an integral part of the French Republic. As part of France, Martinique is also part of the European Union, and its currency is the Euro. Its official language is French, although many of its inhabitants also speak Antillean Creole.

27 regions of wonder I so often see French stamps on my postcards =P

This country owes its name to Christopher Columbus, who sighted the island in 1493 and finally landed on 15 June 1502. The island was then called "Jouanacaëra-Matinino", which came from a mythical island described by the Tainos of Hispaniola. According to the historian Sydney Daney, the island was called "Jouanacaëra" by the Caribs, which would mean "the island of iguanas". After Columbus' initial discovery, the name then evolved into Madinina ("Island of Flowers"), Madiana, and Matinite. When Columbus returned to the island in 1502, he rechristened the island as Martinica. Finally, through the influence of the neighboring island of Dominica (La Dominique), it came to be known as Martinique.

a small revelation: my first thought about Madinina 97.2 on the front of the card, was that it is a radio station in Martinique (yeah yeah, blushing blushing blushing :))))))))

well, Im not complaining about the frequency of French stamps...France has really nice stamps actually, and even nicer mini/souvenir sheets!
Both stamps were issued in 2012 and belong to two respective sets of 12 stamps..with the first one coming from the set of 'green vegetables' while the av...pardon, papaya one, is from the fruits' set...yeah, looks like an avocado to me, sorry :)

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