Sunday, December 22, 2013

Blue Morpho, Costa Rica

Posting that Cuba card last time made me realize that i haven't posted a Costa Rican card either since 2008...and here comes a truly beautiful one that arrived from Glenn this year

It is not cos blue is my favourite colour...this butterfly is just really really reaaaally beautfiul!!!!!!
this is considered to be the most common butterfly in Central America and Costa Rica, it can be found throughout the country in all kinds of forest and in most regions. It is most often spotted along habitat edges—of forests, fields, rivers, or oceans.
Different species of morpho show a variety of color schemes, although most have the characteristic metallic coloration. Within the Morpho genus, adult colors range from a shocking pearly white to a lighter blue to a heavier violet shade of blue. Some species have the black border around the wings that this particular species has, but others have a paler edge color or none at all. Females are generally less colorful than the males.

so what do you think, is it a male or a female on the card? :)

Glenn used three cool stamps on the card, all issued in 2007. Both the left and the right stamp come from the set representing Musical Instruments from Guanacaste. The left stamps shows the Marimba, while the right one shows the Quijongo. The stamp in the middle is from a set of 5 Pre-Columbian Art stamps.

Thanks a bunch Glenn!!


Gem from Calgary said...
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Gem from Calgary said...

As always, you are more than welcome.

Rugilė Miškinytė said...

Hii. Check out my little postcards and autographs blog :-)