Thursday, May 17, 2012


the last card for today comes from India, and is one of the many fantastic cards I received as the April's WOTM on the PC forum (I dont know if I had mentioned, but I also was the lucky winner back in 2009....) :D

the card portrays us the Ottanthullal, which is a a type of performing art from the Kerala state in India.
This piece of art has a (mostly) single actor, donning a green make-up and wearing colourful costumes, and reciting the thullal lyrics (dance songs), all the while acting and dancing himself. The art form has of late found practitioners from among women too, and is occasionally staged as a group dance form with each artiste representing a character in the storyplay.
The art form has its satirical touch, often making fun of prevalent socio-political equations and prejudices of the region.
Just a fantastic card! In a way, these masks remind of the ones of clowns, but I guess, in a way, that is the point of the 'making fun' of.
Thanks a bunch to Georgy for the great choice!

there are three stamps on the card....the two stamps on the right were issued this year...the bottom one is from a mini-sheet of 4 stamps commemorating the 100 years of aviation, while the other one portrays the "Employees State Insurance Corporation".
As for the small stamp, my guess is that it was issued in 2001, and it represents Dr. B.R Ambedkar, who was an Indianwas jurist, political leader, philosopher, anthropologist, historian, orator, economist.....hmmm, this list of qualifications makes my CV look miserable =/

well, thanks for reading, and hope there will be a sunny weekend ahead of you :)

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