Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Subway, USA

I once posted a card from the Zion National Park. But this one is a is just sooo beautiful!! I dont know if it's coz of the blue-predominant colour, but i totally adore this card!!

this is what the back of the card says:
Excavated by the Virgin River eons ago, Zion Canyon is a deep cavern in the earth showcasing fantastic rock formations in concert with water in motion. The Subway is a powerful example of this theme. The Subway is so named for its tube-like, undercut slot canyons. This segment of canyon is less than a quarter-mile in length, but long approach and exit hikes are necessary for access.

Tina always sends such great cards for her RR groups!! Thank you so much Tina!

the stamp shows the famous Grand Teton...but the cancellation is just fantastic!!


Rajko said...

da sam znao da su ovakvo lijepe razglednice, i ja bih uskočio u Vacation RR u ovu grupu :D

Ana said...

tako ti je kad samo jurcaš po HTG :D :D :D

inače nekoliko puta sam bila s njom u Robinu i stvarno šalje super razglednice. sad sam rešila da malo pauziram da joj se ne smučum, pa za koji mesec ako ima neku novu grupu da se opet prijavim :)