Tuesday, November 8, 2011


well, ive been out of the blogosphere for like over two weeks (hope you missed me :P)

reasons for the absence, several...mainly work-overload...and the bad fever i got over a week ago, and which is still lingering with me...i mean, im not feeling dead-beat as i used to, but i still dont feel well...i cant really explain it, but in general, i feel a bit crappy

well, of course, work piled up...partly my fault, i shouldnt accept assignments whenever and wherever but i always realize that too late...anyways, one of the two im currently working on is one of the most illiterate English texts ive seen...syntax? grammar? word order??? what is that? Even google translate provides better stuff! I got so annoyed with it that i just had to put it on hold, even though the deadline is Thursday plus another 80 pages (of normal English thank God) for next Wednesday...and time is running out...but i just really got fed up and...the thought of postcards brightened me up..so here i am :D

well, i had already picked today's cards time ago, so will post them today, and hopefully, wont take too long till next update...coz my postcard boxes are getting fuller and fuller....and something should be done about it...esp since 2012 is about to come, meaning new box for those postcards, and my room being one huge mess.

ok, enough chatting....

First ill start today with two great Bulgarian map cards.

the first one arrived as an official (yay, my first official from Bulgaria) and the map card represents Bulgarian national costumes. I had enlarged the card for you to see better, coz the national costumes have numbers assigned according to the region, so in case you are interested, this is how they go:

1. Sofia region
2. North-Western region
3. The Middle Danube Plain
4. North-eastern Region
5. Thracian Lowland
6. South-eastern Region
7. Eastern Region
8. South-western region
9. Rodopi District

Cant pick a favourite....but number 7 really cracks me up coz of all that variety of colours and patterns :)))

the second map card is fantastic in shape, and is rather big too...this one represents the Bulgarian cities with some more significant sites of the regions. Yana, the sender, even wrote to me in Macedonian and told me that I will never get lost now in Bulgaria, coz i have a map...really sweet :)

 Well, i havent been to Bulgaria for years...last time i did was at the Uni when with two other colleagues we went to Sofia..ha ha, that was one trip of a kind...but we would have had less reasons to laugh at nowadays if it wasnt for that trip.
Unlike many Macedonians, ive never spent my summer holidays in Bulgaria...for the Macedonians it is convenient since it is not far, and is cheap....but personally ive never been attracted to it...and not to get misunderstood...i have nothing against it, just that for me, the Adriatic Sea is irreplaceable, as well as the smell of pines along the Croatian coast....ok, the Mediterranean Sea in Valencia was fantastic too, but Adriatic remains number one for me (until I maybe get the chance to taste the ocean...)

and Yana picked great stamps too!! The train stamp is from a set of two stamps issued in 2008, commemorating the 120 years of Orient Express. The other is from a set of four butterflies' stamps issued in 2004.


Bryon D said...

Yes of course we have missed you! I love the Bulgarian map cards, very colorful. I have not received a card from Bulgaria yet, but it is on my wish list!

Ana said...

well thank you :D :D :D nice to be back too!

it is funny you know, but Bulgarian cards are scarce in my collection, considering we are next door neighbours

but i hope you will get one soon! *fingers crossed*