Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Moonlight Iceberg, Greenland

Hello to all my dear readers...I had planned to post earlier, but last week was just so chaotic, in every single aspect, that I couldnt possibly manage to make any updates...sorry for that...but now with the rain outside (and the tonz of work backlog) feels like a perfect time to show some cards here...

as I already mentioned, we are having rain here....after the constant heat (even though it is late September already) we finally were treated with some refreshment! Well, on one side it feels perfect....but on the other, it quite interferes with my everyday know, im a person who calls the bicycle a best now im pretty annoyed coz i need the daily dosage of a physical activity and coz the public transport is worse than a turtle....really, today i more felt like the bus was on some sightseeing tour, moving sloowly and slooowly in order you dont miss something from left and took 50 minutes till I got bike it takes do the math now why im so frustrated!

anyways, this aint a rain card, but it certainly is a chilly one :) And it is just so lovely!! It shows a moonlight iceberg in Greenland where the ice is said to be polished by the wind...and if you take a better look, this all feels like some small piece of art!! Amazing!!

this fantastic card was sent to me by dear Johanna who had seen this card in my favourites and decided to share it with m...and yeah, she went to Greenland actually, where she had stocked herself with cards....lucky her...Greenland is one of those places on earth id really LOVE to see!! After Norway of course :)

Kiitos Johanna!!!


i'm theng said...

I'm Malaysian..
do you interest in swap postcard with me?

Bryon D said...

Beautiful card! It looks much like places I've seen in Alaska!

agi said...


Ana said...

well, Alaska is my favourite in the US, probably coz of places like this...I just have a soft spot for northern stuff :)