Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Museum of Transportation, USA

An update without a train card is not an update :P And here is a rather unique one....

...or scary as it may appear on first, second, 100th sight :)
This appearance to me is at the same time scary, fascinating and powerful...this is the Union Pacific Rotary Snowplow at the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis (Missouri)

from the back of the card: The ultimate weapon in the fight against the snow! This is the world's largest with a 12-ft cutting wheel, which opens to 14 feet with the wings open. Not self-propelled, it needs at least 3 locomotives to push it with an operating speed of 10mph.

Maybe our authorities shall consider of purchasing one of this kind to use it when the snow surprises them and the streets are chaotic...and even though snow is something that regularly happens here in winter, authorities are ALWAYS surprised, and it ALWAYS catches them off guard....

and a bunch of stamps all over the card! among which two I dont really see on my cards...one is the dog stamp from the 'Adopt a Shelter Pet' issue from 2010, while the other 'new' stamp is the flower one at the top right corner, issued in 2004, in a set of 2 'Wedding' stamps.

If anyone has a spare FDC of the pets' stamps, I would love to exchange for those! 

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