Sunday, June 26, 2011


Well, good morning world (or afternoon/evening....depending at what time you read this).
Longish silence again....mainly due to lack of I was out of town this past I havent been in my greatest of moods....and though the following 4 cards have been prepared to be posted time ago, it is just now that I have the chance to do so...and well, the problem of not posting for a long while is that cards pile countries as well...and eventually it is more difficult to choose what to post first coz there are so many great cards that I have the itch to post each and every one of them...
For now, I will start with a Barbados first one from this country...and it is Glenn to blame for it :)

And it is a very lovely card indeed, showing a typical Barbadian chattel house...'chattel' means 'movable personal property' and 'chattel house' is a Barbadian slang for a small wooden house that working class people would occupy. The term goes back to the plantation days when the home owners would buy houses designed to move from one property to another. Chattel houses are set on blocks or a groundsill rather than being anchored into the ground. In addition, they are built entirely out of wood and assembled without nails. This allowed them to be disassembled (along with the blocks) and moved from place to place.
Modern chattel houses tend to have a greater degree of permanence, as they are often connected to the electricity mains, and may either have a permanent septic tank or be connected to a public sewer system.

I really like this one on the is so colourful and feels so cheerful and cozy....and the surroundings seem to be feels like a nice place to go to and get away from the daily busy you have a bus stop just in front of your not sure how often does one pass by, but at least you are connected and dont have to worry in case you want to go somewhere else.

and two very nice stamps here....the one on the right is from a set of 4 issued in 2002 commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), while the other stamp was issued in 2006, again in a set of 4 stamps, commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Cave Shepherd & Company Ltd.

Thank you sooooooo much Glenn for such a great card and stamps and for adding a new country to my collection!

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