Sunday, May 15, 2011


Well, this great Swedish map card is great for what I wanted to bother you with now..and if you decide you want to skip this post, i would understand, but I really have to share something, Sweden-related.

Few days ago, I had the chance to attend the concert of this Swedish band called "Jeniferever". Coming from Uppsala,  formed in 1996 (when they were still kids) but I guess more seriously involved in music since 2001. Not a world-wide-known band, and definitely barely known in Macedonia, coz to whomever I said where I was going had no idea who they were or I even got asked 'who is she?'...I guess the 'Jeni' part causes confusion :)
Anyways, I accidentally found out about them some months ago (coz im always searching for some new music to refresh my playlists), and I really liked theirs, so when I read they were coming I knew I had to go, though I had some doubts I must admit coz the same evening there was another event I wanted to attend...but Jeniferever prevailed, knowing that this is a rare chance and that I dont know when or if I will have another opportunity in the future. And....I didnt regret it...not at once!!! Jeniferever simply left me speechless that evening with their indescribable energy on stage!! (and the stage was too small, yet they managed perfectly well). I simply fell in love that evening...I think that was one of the most fantastic things that have happened to me in a long long while...and from being a band I like, they went way up high on my list...After the concert they were all even so kind that they all signed the booklet of my CD! They are such nice and so down-to-earth guys, so completely involved and dedicated in what they are doing...I really wish they weren't so underrated or that at least more people would get to know about them. Now I never pressurize anyone over tastes, and this post doesnt carry that intention either...but im still so much under impressions that I just had to share it with you and who knows, maybe someone will like their music...even if it is one person, ill be really happy :)
Why I like their music?? Ahh...thats hard to explain, but probably coz it can move me emotionally...their songs tend to be dark and melancholic...but there is this thing in them, that can make you cry and smile at the same time, and their music just brings this feeling of nostalgia....but a nostalgia I cant explain...I dont know what does it refer to, but the feeling of longing for something in the past exists...yeah, im not easy to figure out sometimes :)

And I have to say that Im really happy with their choice of songs for the concert...they only missed two of my very favourites, but im extra satisfied with what they had to offer. Being that they played at a small nightclub, there were no really boundaries between the band and the audience (except for some audio equipment on the floor) so I think that also contributed a lot to the flow of the fantastic energy Jeniferever have on stage.

Well, here is what Jeniferever is all about:

- "Sparrow Hills" - the first song I heard from them and to which I was hooked immediately...and which eventually opened to door to the Jeniferever world (and the one which unfortunately was left out from the concert, with the excuse that they havent played it for a long time)

Jeniferever - Sparrow Hills |  (sorry but YouTube doesnt provide a decent link for this one)

- "Silesia" - the opening song of the concert, the opening song of their last album (called "Silesia" as well) and my ABSOLUTE favourite thereof!

- "From Across the Sea" (or maybe more known as 'dear Emily') extra sad song

- "The Hourglass" - another one of my favourites and one that they played at the concert!

- "Opposites Attract" - the second one out of the two they didnt play and which i so much wanted to

- "Ox-Eye" - the song with which they closed the of the most contagious and catchy Jeniferever songs....and my jaw dropped when I heard how this song sounded live....I really really dont know if Ive ever been so positively shocked by a band before..

What hooks me so much and makes their music grow to my heart is how the songs develop towards the end...the guitar riffs they end up using and as it has already been defined, an orchestral-like climax.

I really really hope I will have a chance in the future to see them again...thanks so much to them for bringing a new dimension to the music im listening to!

well, being a postcard blog and being I dont often get cards from Sweden, I should still in the end show the stamps...the right one was issued in 2009 in a set of 6 spices stamps..this one portraying the beloved garlic, esp if you are about to go on a date after having consumed some :) the other stamp was issued in 2010 in a set of 6 stamps showing Delicious Swedish Delicacies 

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