Sunday, May 1, 2011

The British Isles

My last card for today (sorry if the overall update feels short) comes as an official I received last year.


It is a great map card...i love its colours and the shades of blue...and it seems to be perfect with this video I wanted to show you.
I know that there are some of you out there who had come across the doubts with regards to the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England...and whats what...and if it is appropriate to address the card as to England or maybe you should write down Great Britain....or UK...well, usually I dont go into too much into-depth thinking when addressing cards, but sometimes I get confused coz I obtain addresses written in a different way and while some contain only England, others state only UK...without mentioning England or Scotland or Wales or here is the video for the utterly confused (like me)...and after watching it you will be either enlightened or even more confused :))

eeermmm?! ......

one of the standard Queen stamps...a definitive issued in a set of 5 in 2010.
btw, sorry if you thought I was gonna write about the Royal Wedding when seeing this post...not my cup of tea honestly :)

thank you for following and wishing you nice Labour Day if you are celebrating it....till next time...


Bryon D said...

Love the video Ana, it was highly informative and absolutely hilarious!!!!!

Martinha said...

The guy spoke way too fast :o