Sunday, May 22, 2011


Well, maybe you know I love to read...and hence, I love book cards...and they seem to be lovely nevertheless!

I wish I had a big room with many many shelves so that I could arrange all my books as I please...and so that I could buy many more books this point I simply have no proper place to keep, so I often refrain from buying some....even though my heart aches to spend money on them....
I love the postcard above coz of all the different colours the book' pages have...these books seem to be older ones but that doesnt make them any less appealing...on the whole contrary....I LOVE the scent of old books! These here seem to be German books....but im not sure if I can decipher them correctly, so Ill leave that up to the readers.

the other card shows some newer books (n.b: when I speak of older or newer books, I refer to the print, not the time when the book was written/published).
This card comes from the Penguin Poetry Series...and here you can see some poetry collections by Blake, Frost, Pushkin, Goethe, Hardy...different types of verses etc. I LOVE the covers on these nice and colourful!

Currently Im reading "Excavation" by James Rollins...the book is interesting, but the Macedonian translation is simply killing me...but having no original copy and still wanting to know what this book is all about, I decided to proceed...otherwise, with such books I give up after a few pages.
Unfortunately, I dont have much time to read...and often dont have the concentration for lately I mainly read on the bus on my way to work and back home (and that is, if I go by bus in the first place...when the weather is nice I prefer my bike). But otherwise, I rarely have the time to relax and read...and it is quite bothering me...
Im also one of those people who simply love real books and cant read the ones in electronic form...staring at the screen is simply tiring me..and doesnt at all have the charm which flipping through the pages of a real book has...I honestly really dont get it how people can read e-books...Im already spending way too much at the computer..I really cant nor want to read books in that manner...esp. since when I read a book I actually want to relax...and lie down in my bed...and use a nice bookmark...and e-books and e-readers, simply cant offer that, regardless how nice they have been designed to attract people.

And recently I came across this video...which reminded me of all the young people nowadays which consider reading a waste of time and who'd rather watch the movie, which would give them the story in two hours, instead bother to read 400 pages...out of my experience, movies based on books are not even close to what the book is all for this reason ive stopped watching them and stick to the books only...anyways, the video I wanted to show you may seem silly in a way, but who knows, maybe it will motivate and encourage someone to start reading books and discover their magic....the video is titled 'The girl who hated books"


Lisa B said...

Both postcards are really attractive designs, but my favourite would be the poetry one, I love marbled paper and finding an old book with marbled paper on the inside covers or marbling to the page edges is wonderful. No I can't see the appeal of ebook reading, the only occasion I can think is if someone were travelling somewhere where it would be impossible to either take books with you or get any there.

Dani said...

е, книжулиња. идам пред некој ден на пазарчето и гледам едно затутулено просторче со многу книги. прво ми се виде се продаваат книгите, кога не многу љубезниот тип ми вика дека се изнајмуваат. а книгите стари - престари. милина! 1 евро депозит и 1 денар од ден. си најдов некои љубовни книжулиња, не ми се омилен жанр баш де, ама тие ги разбирам. Хаха. И најбрзо ќе ги прочитам. Мераци местото.
е ајде со здравје сега.