Saturday, March 26, 2011


Well, I havent made any Japanese posts since the terrible earthquake that had stricken this country....maybe coz i was expected to make one, in order to speak of what happened.....but I think coz it was just expected, hence I didnt do it, not coz i dont care about it or anything....

and on the other hand, I think that the media are really perfect panic-creators. As much as the situation in Japan is serious, it is just unbelievable to see how the Japanese people are behaving. I truly truly admire them. No fights in front of shops to steal hysteria....nothing...and thats why they can manage....coz if you waste your time in dramatizing, you surely wont get anywhere....I mean, here, we are so disorganized, we will never even come close to Japan....or at least not in this existence of Earth.
And another thing that touched me was the mail delivery....where in the parts of Japan that have been mostly affected, they say that there will be some delay in mail delivery, but the Japanese are doing their best to have it delivered in the right places....even if you are in some of the numerous a city where there are over one million you know what that means? and im pretty sure that receiving a random postcard from around the world in such circumstances, is something that you cant remain indifferent to.

the bottom stamp is a definitive issues in 1997 in a set of 3 (probably the most common Japanese stamp ive received on my cards)...the other one is from a set of 10 flower stamps issued in 2009.

a side-note....just today I also got the chance to send my first (official) card to Japan since the earthquake....I hope it will brighten up someone's day in Tokyo...

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