Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hua Hin, Thailand

A lovely official card from Thailand.

And actually I barely get cards from Thailand, so this one is a nice refreshment.
The card shows a popular holiday place in Thailand called Hua-Hin. This is the Hua Hin Beach, which extends some five kilometers southwards from a rocky headland until Kao Takiap, a southern headland where a Buddhist temple clings to the cliffs.
Can you imagine a Buddhist temple amidst this kind of surrounding? Not me.
And again this card makes me yearn more and more for some warm sunny weather....the cold grey skies we keep having here are simply killing me mentally....

The first stamp is from a set of 6 stamps called Tin Toys, issued in 2010, while the other 3 orchid are from a set of 9 stamps called Amazing Thailand, issued in 2008. 

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Sreisaat said...

Hi Ana... sending some sunshine on your way :)
I have lots of Thailand postcards... too bad I don't have Thai stamps nor I am in Thailand to send them to you. But if you like it unwritten and unstamped, do let me know. I have plenty to share :)

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