Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bogus Basin Ski Resort, USA

This card came as a lovely surprise card from Frankie, who sent me an official card not so long ago, but along with the official card (which is a train btw, with train stamps!!!) she also sent me this one, simply coz she saw it in my favourites!! Isnt that just kind and generous! I was really happy!

And something else....this card made me realize that I actually have no Idaho cards posted here so here is the time to cover another US state.

As the back of the card says: "Over 2600 acres of ski-resort just 16 miles north of Boise, spoils the winter enthusiasts who live in southwest Idaho's Treasure Valley.
Well, the view is just amazing....and I love the idea of flickering lights in the background...of course, it cant be seen on the card, but im pretty sure in reality it is like that....

and this may be a frequent US stamp, but i think in this case it perfectly matches the card :)

Thank you so much again Frankie...for spoiling me :)
And thank you everyone for reading....wishing you a great rest of the weekend!

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