Sunday, February 20, 2011

Battle Flags, USA

Dear Chrissy sent me this card back in 2009 and im pretty sure she has even forgotten she did coz almost two years had passed since then...but you know how lousy and behind I am with the posting of cards

Chrissy knows I love flags among else, so she surprised me with this card (among the others as well :))
The card shows the Battle flags of the Confederate States of America which were vital to the soldier; from them he recognized various units and regiments and knew whether to advance or retreat. But battle flags were much more, they stood for the southern cause and were an emotional symbol revering those men who had fallen advancing their colours.
The Confederate States are the southern states that fought in the Civil War.
It is funny how some of these remind me of some other world flags, for example, the one at the right bottom corner reminds me of Iceland...the one at the top reminds me of Somalia....and then there is the one that resembles the EU flag....interesting....

Thank you so much Chrissy! And sorry for not having posted it earlier (actually I still have some cards you had sent me that havent been posted...bad bad Ana)


Vagirl said...

Hi Ana,
I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my cards here;) How cool!!!
I know more than anybody how time can get away from you. There are just soooo many other responsibilities. It would be nice if we could devote way more time to our postcards:) I'm so far behind now:(
Always enjoy your blog! Hugs to you!!!

Ana said...

hi dear always bring this smile on my face with your comments :) Time has really gotten out of my hands and I just find it impossible to get back on track =/

thank you for still dropping by! hugs to you! And a prrrrr from Kimi and Foxy :P