Thursday, January 6, 2011

Prague, Czech Republic

I know that the majority of my Czech Republic cards come from Prague, but they definitely have some great ones!

This one came as a surprise from Janek...or to be more precise, by his little adorable twins! :)
And theyve chosen such a great card! I know you cant see it properly, but this is a 3D card! I wish someone one day would invent a scanner which could show the depth of the 3 images as well...or show properly those lenticular ones...coz like this only I can enjoy the beauty to its fullest.
The card shows the Old Town in Prague which is also a UNESCO WHS. This is the Old Town Square and the building you see at the very front is the Tyn Church (or The Church of Our Lady before Tyn) which is one of the most preeminent symbols of Prague Gothic style. A funny fact about this church is that at first the towers seem identical...BUT...they are not. One of them is in fact a bit more solid and it is said that it represents the stronger side of the family, the man.
Well, whether it is the left or the right one, you decide :)

And some of the most fantastic stamps ive received on a card! This is actually like a part of the whole sheet of stamps issued in 2009 dedicated to the Krivoklatsko Region - A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The stamp is in the middle and shows Tyto Alba.

Thanks so much to Janek and his twins for something so wonderful!

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