Friday, January 28, 2011

New York, USA

The last choice of a card for today is also a rather special one, coming from New York.

The card shows the United Nations Headquarters, which is a distinctive complex in NYC, located in the Turtle Bay neighborhood of Manhattan. It has served as the official headquarters of the United Nations since its completion in 1952.
There are 3 other additional, subsidiary, regional headquarters in Geneva (Switzerland), Vienna (Austria), and Nairobi (Kenya). And Im happy to say that I also own one UN card from Vienna thanks to Earney!
These adjunct offices help represent UN interests, facilitate diplomatic activities, and enjoy certain extraterritorial privileges, but only the main headquarters in New York contains the seats of the principal organs of the UN, including the General Assembly and Security Council. All 15 of the United Nation's specialized agencies are located outside New York at these other headquarters or in other cities.
Though it is in New York City, and part of the United States, the land used by the United Nations Headquarters is considered international territory, while also being subject to most local, state, and federal laws. For award purposes Amateur radio operators consider it a separate "entity", and for communications the UN has its own internationally recognized ITU prefix, 4U.

And of course, it has its own stamps, as you can see below.

The stamp on the right is from a series of 4 definitives issued in 1976. The one in the middle is from a series of two W.I.P.O stamps issued in 1977, while the third one is an airmail definitive from a set of 4 issued in 1972.
And I love the 'United for Peace' cancellation.

Just a great card and great stamps, no? Thanks a lot to Oleg for it.

And thank you for dropping by...see you soon...I hope :)

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