Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Jomsom trail, Nepal

Hello my dear friends and readers and welcome to the first update of 2011!! Before I get down to anything, id like to wish you a Happy New Year and hope you had a nice celebration last night, whatever you did, wherever you went to, whomever you were with...mine was really nice for a change....cosy and relaxed with great music and great people. I hope there will be more times like that throughout the year as well.
And today, i gave myself a real day-off, indulged into writing postcards and preparing envelopes to be mailed, eating, sleeping, eating....eating again....dont know why but on 1st of January food tastes different and tastier :)) Yeah, just as an excuse for the amounts of food ive consumed....and then i wonder why clothes dont fit me...ehhh....

Well, without too much ranting, as I told you last time, once 2011 hits the roads, ill try to make some combinations of cards and post ones received in different years, not just the current one as it was mainly the case during 2010.
So here is a card I got in 2009....not written and stamped unfortunately, but thats gonna happen one day too, right?
This card from Nepal shows the Jomsom trail, a favourite route for trekkers, which follows the gorge of the Kali Gandaki River from Jomsom to near Pokhara, central Nepal. Most of the way the trail is narrow and rugged, forcing travellers to share narrow, rocky tracks with hard-pushing donkey caravans. Occasionally the gorge breaks out into an open valley, as here, giving th welcome relief of flat ground.

I dont know if I should be surprised, but too few trekkers on the card...for a place like this, called a favourite, i would certainly expect some more....or at least, my impression that is.


Dani said...

Непал ме потсеќа на книгата Каменот од твојот ден, на Јагода Михајловска-Георгиева, авторката на Индиго бомбај.
Исто прекрасна книга, за искачување на Хималаите. Препорачувам ти ја.

Sreisaat said...

Happy new year, Ana!
I wish I had known you a longer time. I was in Nepal in 2007 and sent myself, family and friends several postcards for posterity.
Someday when I'm lucky enough to be given another chance to go there, you're on top of my list =)

Ana said...

Дете, до пола сум уште со Индиго....се зафатив со други книги и таа ми остана...а ако ја најдам оваа другава обавезно ќе ја ставам на ридинг лист :)

Dear, it is the thought that counts, so consider it as if you had sent me one..and thank you for thinking of me :) Getting ready for Aussie Open? :P