Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cultural Dance, Nigeria

This past week has been an odd one, esp. postman was practically ignoring the extent i started getting paranoid, since I knew a lot of mail was supposed to be coming my way, but i was receiving NOTHING....i even started wondering if maybe my postman had retired and a new one was put at his place who was too inexperienced to deal with my mail...everyday I come home and first thing i do is check the mailbox, and it's empty...on Monday and Tuesday i somehow didnt bother too much...but then Wednesday, nothing again..Thursday, nothing again...Friday...empty....i was already stressed enough with work and at least i hoped that some mail would cheer me up, but no....on the whole contrary...and Saturday was promising to be the same...but I guess my prayers were heard sometime after 2pm, coz thats when the postman had most probably dropped by and also dropped a plentiful of mail....or in other words, almost 30 cards, few covers and bunch of stamps!! *happy dance* Yay, at last!!! The only problem with such bulks is that in the end i dont even know what it is all that i received and takes really long to message everyone...and im still in the process of doing that....

And one of the cards that arrived yesterday is this one from Nigeria, showing a typical Nigerian dance. Irena, the sender of the card, says she doesnt like the modern Nigerian dancing coz it is not as interesting as the traditional one, which is something different and has a point.
Well, Im not familiar with Nigerian dances, but I think that on the overall i would usually prefer the traditional ones too, coz they tell more about the roots of the culture and simply, they are traditional.

two stamps on the card, with a smudged cancellation...the one on the right is from a set of 8 definitives issued in 2001, while the other one was issued in 2009, regarding the South African Football Worldcup.

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