Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Burg Rabenstein, Austria

This last card again comes as an official I received in 2010 (as if it was so long ago...)


This is the Burg Rabenstein castle, which is said not to be well-known in the world and even within Austria itself. I guess thats why maybe there are not many information on the internet, at least not in English. But I came across some person's own experience of this place, so im conveying you his thoughts here...
"...Rabenstein is designated as an international cultural property by the Geneva Convention, and it is consequently protected from harm or use by military forces during times of war. In the 18th-19th century it was privately owned and used as a hotel, but today the small castle is owned by the Austrian Government in a specific capacity unknown. Apparently an official from the nearest town of Frohnleiten (a scant 3 kilometers away) presides over the castle and maintains its appearance. In summer the castle's courtyard is used by a local theatre group to present original dramas by Austrian playwrights.

Rabenstein is in immaculate condition, with magnificent lush flower-gardens and a fishpond in its courtyard, a freshly painted edifice, and a thick old-wood forest surrounding it on the steep hillside. And the Roman ruins, though crumbling and decrepit, still surround the rocky perch and stand majestically over the narrow valley...."

the above paragraph is courtesy of Jason Charles Buss, who I guess had quite a nice experience when visiting this castle.

and a nice birdy stamp (my cats would go frantic with so many birds, even if only on stamps :))
This one shows a Common Kingfisher and was issued in 2008 in a set of two stamps.


Marcie said...

There is a legend about this castle though. In the old times, in this castle lived an old king with a beautiful daughter. There was a count who wanted to marry the beautiful girl but she rejected him. He got so angry that he poisoned a pastry and served it to here. But the ravens started to shreak and the girl got spooked and forgot about the pastry. Then the ravens took the pastry away and saved the girl. Somehow the deceit got detected and the count was arrested. And because the ravens saved the girl they were protected in this area from this day on the castle was renamed after them.
That's the story we learned in school anyway.

Ana said...

ohhh, thank you!! I love myths and legends!! And i certainly didnt come across this one on the internet...thanks for sharing!