Friday, January 28, 2011


Well, another week passed by since  the last update...and it's been a very busy and stressful one and there was just no chance to find the time to post some  I guess this cold snowy Friday evening can be slightly used for that, although I still have a lot of pending work to do...yeah, you got it right, it's gonna be a busy weekend as well...

And Ill start this Friday update with a card from a country I havent had in my collection so far! Yup! My very first card from Armenia...and WHAT a card! You know I love map cards, and this one is just awesome, especially since it is showing what can be considered a rare country.
And what makes it even more special is that this card along with 3 others came as a kind gift from Susanne in Austria, who had stumbled upon my blog and offered to send me these cards that she kept from the time she had visited the country...i must say im always really touched when people do something like this for me...and i absolutely never know what to do or say in order to thank them always feels that whatever I do ain't enough but I hope that all these good fairies know im wholeheartedly thankful from the bottom of my heart!

This map card shows the Armenian provinces, 10 in total, where the capital city of Yerevan has a special administrative status.
Also, as you can see, the  geographic region of Karabakh is shown on the map, but I wont be touching such sensitive issues here...

Thanks again a lot to Susanne for the lovely cards!!