Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pennsylvania, USA

The last card for today is an official from USA


This is the Comet Roller Coaster, which crosses Spring Creek twice during its 3.360 foot journey. A total of 248,919 feet of lumber was used to build the double out-and-back coaster. The coaster was built so close to town that riders' screams can be heard on Chocolate Avenue.

Have I ever told you that I absolutely LOVE roller-coasters?!! They are one of the most fantastic things ever invented! The scarier and more adventurous, the better! I would simply go on any of them, even though I may know ahead I might get sick to my stomach from all the ups and downs and such....i just love that adrenaline!!

you know the stamp ;)

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The Tropical Blogger said...

Wow, lucky you!
Beautiful card.
I always LOVE black and white pictures, so this card looks very beautiful in my opinion.
That roller coaster is just beautiful. And going over a creek...